Absolutely amazing! We are so happy with the way everything came out in the end. This day meant the world to us and now that we can watch it back and see every special moment from start to finish is truly beautiful. Our wedding planner recommended McIntosh Bros Films while we were searching everywhere for videographers. Once he told us the amazing work that they've done in the past, and after we spoke with Javier, we were on board instantly. Patrick, our filmmaker, was so sweet, kind, and very reliable during the wedding. Before our special day, Patrick spoke with us to get a feel of how we would want the video to look in the end. Him and Javier were incredibly cordial and nothing felt artificial in the least. They gave they're all and truly enjoyed their work. 
We personally recommend McIntosh Bros Films to anyone who is trying to plan any special event. They were organized, professional, kind, and very focused. Based on what we saw online, we already knew McIntosh Bros Films would be the ideal choice for our wedding. Now that everything is said and done, we have a wonderful video to look back at our special day.
Notes on McIntosh Bros Films: on time, professional, reasonable price. Made people feel comfortable and managed to seem like a natural part of the party (not awkwardly scooting in and out of important intimate moments). Quick turnaround and good quality. We seem to be as happy with our wedding video as friends who we know paid much more (:
McIntosh Bros Films is awesome and made everyone relaxed and comfortable in our pictures. He is very easy to work with and I love his creative style. We got our video back very quickly and I received tons of compliments on the pics. He really captured our special day and I would recommend him to anyone.
McIntosh Bros Films showed up and showed out! Thank you guys so much for the pleasant and professionally recorded filming of my wedding, it couldn't have gone any better than it did. It turned my wedding day into a palooza of fun, laughs, and never ending memories that will truly never fade now that I have it all on film and i can watch as many times and relive the unforgettable moments labeled "My Wedding Day". I recommend McIntosh Bros Films to anyone in need of videographers to turn your wedding into pictures worth more than a billion words.
WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE!? Why am i just now hearing about this amazing video company! Was this a secret to me and the whole world knew? I finally found the cure to all my wedding video problems and I have been recommending McIntosh Bros Films to everyone I see! 
It is one thing to experience the wedding first-hand, but to relive the moment makes it all the more worth while and now that I can because of the wonderful job done by McIntosh Bros Films makes it perfect. I can't believe this was MY wedding, one worth being on a TV show for like a perfect wedding.  Picture are worth a thousand words, but there are no words or words I can use to describe this video McIntosh Bros Films did for me. I was looking constantly, day and night, for a videographer, and I just up and found this company and never looked back since. Honestly, this was the best choice I have EVER made. THANK YOU.
My wedding day was superb, it was SO AMAZING on film and the day was truly a special day. Honestly, i couldn't have asked for anything better than for McIntosh Bros Films to come to my wedding and do all that they did. They went over the top in every aspect of the word and came to the event and did more than what I could ask for more than the price I paid. You don't even have to provide a landscape, an idea, a concept, or the slightest inkling of how you would want something done, but they pull the rabbit out of the hat every time and it never ceases to amaze. I was recommended to McIntosh Bros Films through my friends who were raving about it as I was in a bit of a bind. After i found them, they just swept me off my feet and took the wheel from there and thank him above that they did. Anybody, I mean ANYBODY looking for a videographer for their wedding, this is the way to go. THUMBS UP!!
McIntosh Bros Films were amazing on our big day. Not only did they snap great still images, but they got awesome video footage with crazy angles and unbelievable clarity. They captured every moment we would have wanted from the pre-ceremony preparations to the reception. What we liked most about the McIntosh Bros Films was their ability to remain non-invasive while they captured the pictures. They were great about getting good angles without being in the way or messing with the flow of things. We were surprised that while they managed to capture all of our big moments, they also had a lot of good pictures of our friends, family, and guests who came out to share our special day. For the quality of the pictures and videos they took and the amount we paid, it almost felt like they gave us a wedding day discount. I would definitely recommend the McIntosh Bros to any of my friends for their weddings.
Hands down the best experience I have ever had in my life with any company that I have hired to do anything. The workers never seemed disinterested, they were always on their P's and Q's and never missed a beat or a picture or a moment on the most pivotal day of my life and my family, friends, and associates can also relive those moments with me. Not only am I raving about my experience, but everyone that attended the wedding is going crazy over the craftsmanship in the works over at McIntosh Bros Films. This is an opportunity anyone jumping the broom should partake in.
I was determined to have McIntosh Bros Films at my wedding after my sister's wedding was recorded by the company and it turned out absolutely fabulous. After witnessing firsthand the mastery of the camera and the hard-work put into the job at hand and the finished product, there was no way I would not book them for my own wedding day. McIntosh Bros Films has forever etched a memory in my heart that I can never and will never forget as the moment will always be with me. Thank You.
Sincerely, Jill Tallon.
McIntosh Bros Films! What would my wedding have been like if it was not for your wonderful craftsmanship? My search for videographers, GOOD videographers, was very tedious, but McIntosh Bros Films made my worries go away when the plan was laid out and I not had to give an idea or let alone change one idea they had laid out after just looking at the landscape. The work that was put in, and in so little time that I had left, and the production I got from the workers, turned my wedding from what was seemingly going to be a hurried and rushed mess on tape to something truly professional. Thank you guys.
My wedding was absolutely astonishing in every aspect, the food, the apparel, the turn-out, but what made the most of the event was the memories I will forever have on tape, ALL thanks to the magic performed by McIntosh Bros Films. There couldn't have been a more courteous or more magnificent experience I had with this one company than the ones I had with previous videographers before being recommended by my friend who wished she had used McIntosh Bros Films for her marriage after seeing their work. There are too many "Thank You's" to express my gratitude for what McIntosh Bros Films did for me. Amazing job.

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